A mere 10 leagues southeast of Verbobonc is the tiny village of Hommlett. For years, this unremarkable corner of the Flanaess knew nothing but peace. That is, until about 10 years ago, when foul priests of evil deities, humanoids, and other monsters gathered to raise the Temple of Elemental Evil.

While the temple prospered for a time, it was soon thrown down by the allied forces of good at the Battle of Emridy Meadows. The priests of elemental evil fled the area, taking with them the few gnolls, giants, and ogres that survived.

Now, in common year 574, a mere five years after the famous battle, evil stirs across the land.

To the north, the forces of the demigod Iuz are on the march. Orcs, demons, and worse spill from his borders to wreak havoc on all who would stand against him. Imprisoned for years by the mad archmage Zagyg, Iuz is bent on making up for lost time with a campaign of vengeance, fire, and wrath that could turn all the Flanaess into a shattered wasteland. The Horned Society, a loose alliance of tiefling mages and priests, fell to his hordes in but a fortnight. The Shield Lands now face the brunt of his armies.

To the east, the Great Kingdom stirs once again, as legions of orcs, gnolls, ogres, and trolls gather under the mad King Ivid's banners of war. Rumors swirl that Ivid seeks the keys to divinity. From the Bone March to the See of Medigia, his diabolic captains gather more recruits for a dark crusade. The realms of Nyrond and Urnst, cowed by Ivid's might, have bought peace at the cost of non-aggression pacts with the Great Kingdom.

Against these two dark powers stands a desperate alliance. Bissell, Veluna, and Furyondy fight to hold Iuz at bay, while Ivid seems as intent on annihilating the Old One's hordes as conquering or subjugating every realm across the land. While the need for cooperation is great, those three realms face a multitude of obstacles. Mistrust plagues their relations, and rumors persist of treachery and political maneuvering.

Even worse, the alliance is beset by still more threats. The mage-lords of Ket are content to sit behind the shielding wall of the Yatil mountains, waiting for all sides to exhaust themselves before storming southward to establish a new Baklunish empire.

King Skotti of Keoland looks to the north and sees similar opportunities. His knights, eager to expand their holdings, stand ready to answer their liege lord's call.

The realm of Celene, home of the eladrin and their fey courtiers, has sealed its borders, foreswearing its allegiance to its northern neighbors, ignoring Iuz and Ivid, and fortifying the magic that wards its forested lands.

Yet, despite the schemes of demigods, kings, and lords, once more the tiny village of Hommlett has an important role to play in this Oerth-shaping events. Five bold adventurers, drawn from the scattered corners of Oerth, have gathered there. So too do agents of Ivid the Undying, Iuz the Old, and other dark powers lurk in the forests and ruins near this place. While armies clash in battle across the Shield Lands, perhaps the true struggle for the future of the World of Greyhawk shall be fought here, in this sleepy, unremarkable wilderness. If so, then these five bold adventuers are perhaps all that stands between Oerth and its darkest hours.

Temple of Elemental Evil